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Meet Our Team in Pakenham

Dr Renee O'Connor, Chiropractor
Dr Sally Cunningham, Chiropractor

Dr Rachel Duncan, Chiropractor

Our Support Staff

Stacey Willshire, Chiropractic Assistant

“I am proud to be a part of the team at True Potential Chiropractic. I believe in a natural approach to your health and have experienced the many positive benefits of chiropractic care, both personally and within the clinic.”

Rebecca Parr, Chiropractic Assistant

“After receiving care at True Potential Chiropractic for many years, I was thrilled to join the team. I enjoy talking to all the patients and watching the myriad of health benefits that chiropractic care can bring.”

Robyn Coleman, Chiropractic Assistant

“After many years of receiving care at True Potential Chiropractic as a patient, I was delighted to join the team in the office. I am now in the wonderful position to meet many other people and families that understand the benefits of chiropractic care too.”


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