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Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractor at True Potential Chiropractic

At True Potential Chiropractic, we focus on providing natural healthcare for the entire family. Our chiropractic team has completed advanced studies in paediatric and prenatal chiropractic to give mums and babies the highly effective, gentle care they need.

Prenatal Care

Pregnant woman and husbandWhether you’re in the first or final month of your pregnancy, we can accommodate you through each trimester, even if you’re expecting multiples. Studies support that chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce labour times and decrease postural-related complaints that come with the many changes in your body.

Paediatric Care

From caring for newborns to teenagers, we can support the health of your children in numerous ways. Advising you and your kids on postural concerns, backpacks, eye exercises for increased screen time, sporting injuries, growing pains, plagiocephaly and developmental issues are some of the many aspects we may help with. We use cranial work and instrument-based adjusting on our youngest patients. Teenagers can receive manual chiropractic adjustments, though we’ll always tailor our care to what your child needs. We’ll also be happy to talk about home care that they can do outside of their visits.

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